Do you have Parasites? You might be surprised.

Do you have Parasites? You might be surprised.

Many health problems today can be the result of parasites living in our digestive systems that shouldn''t be there. Make sure you don’t ignore this possibility. There are many kinds. Some we can see with the naked eye and some we can’t see. I had both kinds. I had Candida and worms. If you have Candida you probably have worms also. I passed tapeworms as long as my arm. I almost died from them which I believe were caused by my mercury fillings in my mouth. They set up a wrong environment and then they can thrive. The ADA now admits that mercury fillings can cause Candida. Click on the link below to read more about parasites in the BBC news then back click to read more on this page. We all have yeast living in our digestive systems. They are no problem for us unless our system gets out of balance and sets up the wrong environment. At this time the yeast can thrive and reproduce and become systemic. At this point you have some serious health problems with many symptoms and are easily misdiagnosed. It makes you crave sugar, yeast products and alcohol to feed them.

If you have diarrhea, constipation or alternate between the two please beware. Cramps, bloating and gas can be from parasitical infestation. If you have allergies and fatigue I would look at the parasite possibility.

This is a subject that is hard for me to discuss. It brings back many terrible memories and many years of suffering. I had many parasites for many years. There are several things that can cause your digestive system to get out of balance and set up a wrong environment. For me it was a mouth full of mercury (silver) fillings I got when I was 13 years old. For more on the subject of alkalize click on the link below.

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This infection is spreading like wildfire. Most of the medical profession are blind to this. Most of my experience in dealing with my problem and help from the medical profession was terrible. You can’t treat something you don’t believe in.

In addition to my Candida I also passed many worms including the tapeworm I mentioned. I read the tapeworms can live in our bodies up to 30 years or more. I found pumpkinseeds help to kill and expel tapeworms. They eat them and swell up and die. Black walnuts are also good to kill worms. I also found a parasite zapper to be helpful. There are many good herbal combinations to help kill them. I used Silver-Max an energized silver micronutrient.

I found one medical doctor at the Candida foundation that told me to alkalize to get my PH back in balance. You must restore a balance in the digestive system to make it an unpleasant home for the Candida and others living off your food and reproducing. They like an acid environment. Because our food is so depleted I was unable to alkalize. I have now been able to alkalize with coral calcium alkaline water the first step to restore health the natural way. To learn more about the PH click below. PH why is it important in controling parasites?

If you sleep with your cat or dog or they live with you in your home you may already have parasites. Consider using colloidal silver to kill the parasites in yourself and your pets. Be careful when you empty the cat litter box. You are at risk by flying dusk and ova (eggs). Avoid contact with your face until you wash your hands after handling any animal. This info I am giving you is a natural way to control this problem. It is not meant to take the place of your vet.

Believe it or not water is a good source to get parasites. Be careful of swallowing river and lake water when swimming. Skiing or doing other water sports.Think about having your drinking water tested.

Now let''s move on to food. Avoid all raw fish, beef, lamb, chicken, osters, clams, mussels. I don’t eat a lot of these anyway because they are not clean foods. Avoid moldy foods, sugar, yeast products and alcohol for a while until you get this under control.

They are hard to get rid off once you have them and they can make your life miserable with a slow death. Everyone in the house must be treated if one person has them. After you alkalize you need to cleanse with the silver-max a energized silver micronutrient that kills parasites. Eat garlic and use other herbs that kills the parasites. Next you must built with good bacteria to help restore the right environment. So educate yourself. Thanks for visiting my site. One more good site about worms.

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