3D Spine Simulator

3D Spine Simulator


Refer your family, friends and co workers!

Receive $15.00 off your next service!

Be sure to have them tell us who sent them in!

And guess WHAT they will get $15.00 off their service too!

(New Patients only.)


Get in shape for the summer!!

Are you bathing suit ready?

If not Endermologie-Lipo Massage is just what you need!

15 treatments for $ 900

Includes a FREE endo wear

(the body suit used during treatments) a $55 value!

(Check out the video above to learn more )



5 Swedish Massages for just


5 Deep Tissue Massages for just




This Tropical topical smells good enough to eat. The nutrient-rich enzymes from papaya and pineapple loosen blocked pores and accelerate skin tissue regeneration. "All that''s missing is a warm island breeze."

ADD on Brow Tint for $ 10

Add on Eyebrow WAX $ 15


Feeling a little bloated, have a low immune system? Want to restore proper PH, clear the colon of waste and harmful toxins?



Needles that don''t hurt but help!!


Trust me it works....

Sinus problems, infertility, headaches, hormone balancing, stress, anxiety, pain management, insomnia

and much much more!!

1st time new patient $65

follow up treatments $50 per session.

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