Discount Benefits

Discount Benefits

What is discount benefit?

On behalf of you we have bargained for good concessions on healthcare services from different quality healthcare centers. You can avail certain agreed discounts on your healthcare expenses.

How it works?

AD healthcare will issue a “Health Discount Card” with member information on it. You can avail these discounts in 2 easy steps
Step 1
Call us at 1800 30000 696 (Toll free) and tell us your requirement (specialty, service, preferred locality etc...) We will provide list of network medical centers nearby you along with the timings of doctors and their discount percentages.
Step 2
Go to the network center and produce your card at front office to avail services at discounted rates

Where would I get discounts?

Discounts are available at any of our network centers including:
Eye & optical centers
Dental Centers

How do I know my nearest network Medical center?

Call our Toll-free 1800 30000 696 to get most recent information regarding our network medical centers and the discount percentages.

Which services are eligible for discount?

Out-patient and In-patient services including consultations, procedures, glasses, frames, tests, radiology, lab tests, surgeries, room charges, bed charges etc...
You may not get discount on pharmacy and procedures/services which are outsourced by the hospitals itself such as blood for transfusion from outside blood bank etc.

What are the discount percentages?

Discounts depend on network medical center and type of healthcare services availing. Even at one medical center you may avail different discounts on different services and no discount on few services.
But usual discounts are:
15%-20% - Consultations and out-patient services
10%-15% - On in-patient admissions
20%-30% - Dental procedures
10% - 15% - On eye and optical services including branded glasses, frames, surgeries and procedures (except contact lens)
Discounts may vary times to time as AD healthcare continuously negotiates for the better discounts. Members are always advised to call our toll-free number before going to any of our network centers. It will help you in getting updated information.